Planned Maintenance Condition Surveys and Specification

Acting on behalf of Freeholders, Block Management Companies, Resident Management Companies, Tenants and Commercial Property Owners, Giles Lewis & Co can survey and assess the condition of a building ensuring lease obligations are met. Our Survey will identify elements of repairs and areas that require maintenance.

Ensuring that properties are correctly cared for through planned and cyclical maintenance, avoids property owners and lessees being subjected to unexpected and costly reactive repair and ensures lease obligations are satisfied. A Planned Maintenance Condition Survey, budget and when required, a Specification can be used by Freeholders, Block Management, Resident Management Company and Commercial clients to assist with shorter term maintenance planning and assists in the delivery of Cyclical Maintenance ensuring that lease obligations are met. For longer term strategic maintenance on large scale developments and those developments recently constructed, Planned Preventative Maintenance Programmes could be considered.

Condition Surveys prepared by Giles Lewis & Co involve a detailed survey of a property, along with a schedule of recommended works for the coming years. Our reports identify repairs and elements that require maintenance.

Reports can be tailored to the requirement of individual clients in terms of timelines, structure and content. We are often instructed to prepare detailed Condition Surveys on an entire portfolio and in doing so can offer, reductions to our competitive fee structure.

Following the production of a Condition Survey and Specification, clients regularly engage us to administer Planned and Cylical maintenance contracts, through a competitive tendering process, and to monitor works through to completion. Please refer to our Project Services page for further details.

If you are a Freeholder, Block/Property Management Company, Leaseholder, Resident Management Company, Tenant or Commercial Property owner and require a Condition Survey carried out on a block(s) of flats, Giles Lewis & Co can assist and please either telephone us on 01722 323016/07432 499502 or email us.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Schedules / Capital Expenditure Schedule

Freeholders, Block Management Companies and Resident Management Companies of sizable developments need to be aware of the costs of maintenance over a period ranging from 5 to 20 years. This will allow service charge/reserve fund budgets to be set and without direction on maintenance is at risk of becoming reactive. A lack of maintenance to a building or portfolio can often lead to a substantial increase in service charges when major works finally become necessary. Giles Lewis & Co can provide you with a detailed Planning Preventative Maintenance Schedule or Capital Expenditure Schedule.

Adopting a pro-active rather than reactive approach to building maintenance protects any property interest. if you have responsibility for block of flats and you need to plan for phased maintenance and repairs, Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Schedules or Capital Expenditure Schedule (CapEx) are an indispensable tool that enable building owners, occupiers and representatives to proactively maintain and manage their properties over a period of years. Furthermore, this is particularly important for buildings in multiple ownership where a service charge/reserve fund is collected for maintenance purposes from each owner.

The report you receive will make recommendations for maintenance works that are required now, in one year’s time, and in three to five years’ time, although the time scales can of course be varied to suit your needs. We will if required provide a specification of work, and will also provide budget costs so that you are able to budget accordingly.

A Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Schedule is essential to ensure correct budgeting and anticipates future costs of building work to properties. It is essential for owners and occupiers whether freehold or leasehold to review and plan maintenance work as this will help prolong the life of a building and maintain the asset value of an investment. Reactive maintenance, is likely to prove costly and should be avoided where possible.

Our typical Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules will identify and quantify a defined programme of works, planned over 5, 10, 20 (or more) years which can highlight specific items of major repair and maintenance work. Our Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules will offer you peace of mind to cover future expenditure to your property.

Each planned preventative maintenance schedule is prepared to the client’s requirements and will include costings to allow budgets to be set. For further information regarding Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules, Giles Lewis & Co can assist and please either telephone us on 01722 323016/07432 499502 or email us for further information or advice.

Single Defect Report

At Giles Lewis & Co, we can compile bespoke Specific Defect Report to suit you or your clients every need. Usually, these reports are commissioned by property owners Freeholders and Block/ Property Management companies who have found a problem with their own property and now require specialist advice.

The Single Defect report is most commonly required by existing Property Owners, Freeholders and Block/Property Management Companies who have been made aware of a problem affecting a particular part of a property and who require a bespoke report and advice on a specific matter.

Examples of common defects include leaking roofs, damp penetration, cracking to internal and/or external finishes and poor workmanship. The report will assess the element in question providing detailed information upon cause, damage, recommendations along with cost implication.

If you require a Specialist Single Defect Report, Giles Lewis & Co can assist and please telephone us on 01722 323016/07432 499502 or email us.

Snagging Reports

Purchasing a new build property or conversion will usually involve the largest expenditure that can be made. Giles Lewis & Co can survey and compile a Snagging Report to ensure that your new property has been completed to the standard that you would expect.

When buying a new-build home, the new build warranty such as that provided by the NHBC will usually only cover the more serious issues. It is also easy to assume that everything will be faultless, but even new-build properties may unfortunately have issues. A Snagging Report is a specialist survey usually instructed by perspective homebuyers of new dwellings.  The report will pick up any deficiencies, mistakes, omissions, defects such as poor quality of workmanship e.g. closing of doors, plaster and paint. The Snagging Report will identify matters that are either incomplete or, although complete, fall short of the standard normally required. We can also produce Snagging Reports for the construction of extensions, conversions and large-scale refurbishment work.

Prior to moving to the property, the report can then be presented to the builder/developer to make sure that he puts right all those matters identified are put right. The report will provide you with the comfort that you can move into your new home and enjoy your new property with the assurance that following a visual survey, it has been completed satisfactorily.

If you are in the process of moving into a new build property or conversion and require a Snagging Report, Giles Lewis & Co can assist and please either telephone us on 01722 323016/07432 499502 or email us.