Project Management (Associated with Section 20 Projects)

Full Project Management service can be offered by Giles Lewis & Co. We can take a Section 20 project from survey to the end of any defect period. Alternatively, tailor services to meet the requirements of the client, providing management/ administration services during pre-contract, contract or post-contract periods. 

Project Management includes the planning, organising and management of resources to bring about the successful completion of a building project. The success of a project is often measured by it meeting a number of criteria, the regular criteria being time, cost, quality and suitability. We are able to provide full project management services for developments, including extensions, conversions, refurbishments, renovations to existing buildings, through to new-build schemes.

Giles Lewis & Co have extensive experience in all aspects of property construction and can fulfil a coordinating role. We have strong links with reliable building professionals and can assemble a collective multi-disciplinary team and act as lead consultant whilst remaining the main point of contact. Where Planning permission and/or Building Regulations are required, we will handle the necessary permissions on your behalf and where necessary liaise with the relevant authorities.

Project management services range from the initial survey, preparation of drawings and specification, to carrying out final the defect inspections on site when work is completed by a contractor. Through the duration of the project, we will oversee construction work on site through regular site visits, monitoring timescales and budgets and providing regular progress reports to the client throughout.

If you require Project Management Services, please contact Giles Lewis & Co with any enquiries by telephone on 01722 323016/07432 499502 or email us .

Contract Administration (Associated with Section 20 Projects)

We regularly fulfil the role of Contract Administer manage Cyclical Maintenance contracts connected with residential blocks of flats for block management companies, freeholders, Resident Management Companies and domestic clients. Employed as the interface between the contractor and the client, Giles Lewis & Co can help clients with various contract administration duties.

This is the core of our project works. All construction and building works, whether minor maintenance or new construction require effective contract administration, supervision and management. Starting with an understanding of a client’s requirements and with a full specification and drawings available, Giles Lewis & Co are able to offer Contract Administration duties with the preparation of the tender documentation, invite contractors to tender, analyse tenders, prepare a tender report. We fully administer the contract including periodic site inspections, issuing all certificates including payment certificates, practical and final completion certificates and negotiating the final account.

If you require Contract Administration Services, please contact Giles Lewis & Co with any enquiries by telephone on 01722 323016/07432 499502 or email us .

Section 20 Major Works/Cyclical Maintenance
(Residential flat blocks)

Section 20 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 (as amended by the Commonhold & Leasehold Reform Act 2002) sets out a 3 stage consultation procedure with which to follow when carrying out qualifying works to residential blocks of flats and where the contribution toward the works will exceed £250 per lessee.

Having prepared a condition survey or Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedule for a residential block of flats on behalf of a Block Management Company, Freeholder, Resident Management Company or Occupiers, Giles Lewis & Co can produce a specification for required works and through Project Management and Contract Administration duties can assist in the delivery of a successful Section 20 project which is crucial in managed property where budgetary control of the project is essential.

Full Project management and Contract Administration services can be offered and applied to major/cyclical works projects.

In service charge developments and if you are a Block Management Company, Freeholder, Resident Management Company or lessee, Giles Lewis & Co can assist and if you require any Section 20 project advice, please contact by telephone on 01722 323016/07432 499502 or email us .

Building Regulation Advice

The Building Regulations are becoming increasingly complex in their requirements and will apply the smallest of alterations through to major redevelopment schemes. With years of experience operating in Building Regulations Sector, Giles Lewis & Co can offer comprehensive consultancy and advice to all clients.

With years of Building Regulation knowledge and experience, Giles Lewis & Co are specialists in providing expert Building Regulations advice. We can act for client in all matters related to Building Regulations, compliance and associated technical standards.  Services include site inspections to confirm that a completed building meets the minimum requirements of the Building Regulations, the appraisal of plans either pre-planning or tender stage, the issue of written reports or attendance on site to confirm compliance and in a capacity as advisor to the client.

If you require any Building Regulation Advice, please contact Giles Lewis & Co with any enquiries by telephone on 01722 323016/07432 499502 or email us

CDM Regulations 2015 – Principal Designer duties (Associated with Section 20 Projects)

The rationale behind the CDM Regulations 2015 draws attention to effective planning and management of construction projects, from the design stage onwards. The aim is for health and safety considerations to be treated as a normal part of a project’s development and not an afterthought. The objective of the Regulations, to lessen the risk of harm to those that have built, use, maintain and demolish structures.

Clients duties under the CDM 2015 regulations have become more onerous.  If a Principal Designer or Principal Contractor is not selected, the obligations defaults to the Client. Therefore, Giles Lewis & Co can help advise and guide clients through their duties to ensure that they are adequately carried out.

The Principal Designer manages the pre-construction phase (the design and planning phases) and co-ordinates all other designers associated with the project. While there can be many designers, there can only be one Principal Designer appointed on the project at any one time.

As Principal Designer Giles Lewis & Co will share with the Principal Contractor information relevant to the planning, management and monitoring of the construction phase and the coordination of health and safety matters during the construction phase. Furthermore, we will assist the Principal Contractor in preparing the construction phase plan by providing to the Principal Contractor all information the Principal Designer holds that is relevant to the construction phase plan. On the completion of a project we will work with the Principal Contractor and any other contributors to deliver the Building File, guarantees and record information.

If you require any CDM advice or services, please contact Giles Lewis & Co with any enquiries by telephone on 01722 323016/07432 499502 or email us.